Humane And Effective Bird Conrol

Birds are great, just not on your building.

MPM offers numerous bird control services and devices to redirect our avian neighbors in order to maintain the aesthetics of our clients’ property. We evaluate each bird problem on an individual basis and recommend the system that meets the specific needs of the situation in the most cost-effective manner.

The industry standard. Durable stainless steel spikes in Lexan base. Used on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes security cameras, etc.

Fast and easy to clip onto the outer edge of a standard rain gutter. Stainless steel. Specifically designed for attachment to the inside lip of rain gutters.

Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are ideal for placements on ledges, parapets caps, roof peaks and chimneys. These 100% stainless steel, unsharpened deterrents can be installed very quickly and are designed to deter birds that are pigeon-sized or larger.

Bird coil is an anti-perching system that works well for exposed ledges that are slightly lower-profile. The coil, made of high-grade stainless steel is adaptable to most architectural details. Its smooth curves are harmless to birds and pose no threat to people who may need access the ledges for building work. From 20 feet away or more, the coil is nearly invisible.

Total ledge exclusion. Repels birds, nesting materials and other debris. Used on ledges, eaves, angle irons, I-Beams and most “L” shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal.

Daddi Long Leg’s unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces such as flat roofs or air conditioning units, as well as on street lights and other hard-to-protect areas.

Durable ABS plastic, aluminum and galvanized steel. Used in open areas where bird populations cannot be controlled with mechanical means; parking lots, roof-tops, building facades, public areas, etc.

This premium bird netting is ideal for any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or configuration where pest birds need to be excluded. This can including open beam structures, loading docks, building façades, courtyards, bridges or patios.