Our Commitment To Safety

Safety and training are of paramount importance when it comes to our dedicated building services. All of our service technicians are certified in their positions.

Fall Arrest Training Plan

MPM Fall Arrest Training is an eight (8) hour mandatory training given to all our new crew members prior to executing any of MPM’s dedicated building services. This training has two parts, orientation and hands-on practical application.


1. Orientation

  • Fall Protection – discuss the detailed procedure in surviving a fall as well as the skills to perform routine dedicated building services more safely and quickly
  • Climbing Techniques – discuss safe and efficient tower climbing procedure
  • Causes of Accidents – discuss the possible accident causes and the proper remedies permitted by the safety guidelines
  • Emergency Solutions / Guidelines – discuss MPM Emergency Procedures

1. Hands On Application

  • Safety Gadgets – introduce the different safety gadgets, their applications and proper inspection
  • Safety Equipment – orient crew members with the different parts of the safety equipment and their operation
    • rigging and raising techniques
    • attachment and anchoring
  • Fall Load Demonstration – safely demonstrate an actual fall
  • Rescue Demonstration – demonstrate the rescue techniques
  • Emergency Safety Procedures and Patient care

State License #: B-1, C-33, C-61, D-12, 424298