Business Administration Graduate

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

After his extensive experience in the field of Finance and Business Administration, Mike ventured into Commercial / Residential Improvement and simultaneously got his General Building Contractor License. In 1977, Mike founded MPM Building Services, Inc. catering various Building services including but not limited to Engineering, Construction, Waterproofing, Caulking, Negative Waterproofing, Elastomeric Deck & Wall Coating, Sealing & Painting, Window & Fascia Wall Cleaning, Calcium Removal/Demineralization and Metal Maintenance.



Business Administration major in Accounting Graduate

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Lorna has over 20 years experience in the field of Accounting/ Billing/Finance and has been with MPM for almost 15 years. She also has experience working in the fields of Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Education.


Project Manager

Bachelors of Science in Engineering (BSECE) Graduate

Extended Education (Computer Programming)

As the Project Manager, Joy is responsible for efficiently generating project information and accurately establishing project scope including setting of project costs and productivity benchmarks / contingencies.  She also establishes quality assurance, safety and risk management.  She previously worked as an Applications Programmer and Property Manager.


Project Coordinator – Window Cleaning / Equipment Rental

Business Administration major in Accounting Graduate

Tess administers and organizes all upcoming and current project activities in cooperation with and under the direction of the Project Manager.  She effectively leads /coordinates Project teams aiming at the flawless execution of services at all times.


Project Manger - Waterproofing Department

Valerie develops good working relationships with Clients and Vendors at all levels to build consensus.  She handles the day to day coordination of project schedules & operations and works for the time-sensitive resolution of critical issues in different job locations.