• Caulking is considered an application of any type of sealant. It is used to seal joints of adjacent surfaces of any types of materials similar or different.
  • Wet-sealing is specifically using a “wet” silicone sealant to “wet-seal” the adjacent joints of similar or different types of materials.

Traditionally, most applications where silicone is used are for Glass to Frame and Frame to Frame joints on windows, skylights & curtain walls.  Silicone has become the preferred choice of many contractors, building owners and managers, for re-caulking or wet-sealing existing glass systems.
The main reason is because silicone does not break down as quickly as urethane sealants from the UV rays and it has a greater movement capability (elasticity) which then allows for a better, longer lasting seal & is not subject to adhesion failure as quickly as urethane. Most sealants come with a twenty (20) year manufacturer’s material warranty.
Silicone sealant material is more costly and it takes more labor to properly prepare the joints that need to be re-sealed when choosing silicone in lieu of urethane sealants. They are incompatible materials and do not bond together.